Who Is Eligible For Hospice Care?

Anyone facing life-limiting illness who wants to focus on comfort rather than curative care and meets the eligibility guidelines may enter into hospice care.

Cancer accounts for 40% of hospice admissions followed by debility unspecified, heart disease, dementia, and lung disease (NHPCO 2010 data).

Additionally, there are many ‘not so obvious’ illnesses that can make a patient qualify. Hospice of Kona can assist in determining the diagnosis.

A Person May Be Eligible And Admitted Into Hospice Of Kona Care If:

  • You have verified that the patient’s prognosis is 6 months or less
  • They elect no further curative treatment
  • The patient is 18 years or older, or has a legal guardian available to sign consent forms for care
  • Hospice of Kona may need access to medical records necessary for admission purpose, diagnosis confirmation, and other relevant history that may influence care
  • Hospice of Kona may need access to medical insurance information or other plans (i.e. long term care plans, supplementary insurance).