Our Staff Directors

Hospice of Kona staff members are a team working for the patient, the family, caregivers and friends. When you receive assistance from Hospice of Kona staff members you know that an entire team of professionals will be at your side to develop a comprehensive health care plan to meet the specific needs of your loved ones in a manner consistent with accepted standards of practice.

Hospice of Kona directors and managers are:

  • Laura Varney, CEO hired in 2006
  • Dr. Norman Goody, Medical Director hired in 2014
  • Christine Winn, Director of Finance hired in 2008
  • Kathryn Crowder, Director of Clinical Services hired in 2017
  • Jamie Mallardi, Clinical Services Manager hired in 2012
  • Mary Villaverde, Memory Lane Manager hired in 2008
  • Deann Canuteson, Director of Volunteer Services New in 2018

Other staff include: Social Services staff, Registered Nurses, Spiritual Care Provider, Home Health Aides, Community Awareness Coordinator, Bookkeeper, Receptionist and part time Administrative Assistants. At the Nakamaru Hale, we have a Homemaker, RNs and Home Health Aides.

We are a dedicated group of individuals committed to offering our best in service to end of life patients and those who care about them, including services to the bereaved for at least a year after the death of your loved one.