Patient Referral

Appropriateness For Referral

Patient, family and physician agree and understand that care will be based on palliative focus of hospice care;

The patient has a terminal diagnosis that is likely to lead to death within six months, if the disease runs its natural course;

Curative treatment has been completed and is no longer an option;

The patient has a caregiver in the home or a network of caregivers

The Cost Of Care

Hospice of Kona is a non profit organization which receives reimbursement from Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial insurers. Patients are accepted solely on the basis of medical need and not on the basis of their ability to pay.

Who Can Make A Referral?

  • A patient may refer themselves
  • A physician may refer a patient/family
  • A nurse, discharge planner, social worker, spiritual leader, friend, family member or another member of your community may recommend us.

Other financial support is received by:

  • Memorial donations from families and friends
  • In Kind donations
  • Contributions from organizations, groups, businesses & Private citizens
  • Grants from Funds and Foundations
  • Special Fundraisers

Too often referrals for hospice care are not made until the patient has uncontrolled symptoms or is near death. Although hospice care can do much to assist and provide care at this time, the patient and family can benefit much more from hospice services if referred earlier. Many symptoms (i.e. pain) can be anticipated and prevented from becoming severe. Symptoms that might otherwise require a hospitalization or an emergency room visit can be successfully managed by the hospice team in the patient’s home. The patient’s and family’s quality of life can be greatly enhanced by early intervention.

Please do not hesitate to call us, even if you don’t immediately need our services. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.