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The heart of Hospice Kona care is the community of special  volunteering individuals (Stars of Service) that choose to give gifts from the finest part of  themselves. We are grateful to volunteers as dedicated people freely  contributing time and energy. We appreciate them for their willingness to serve  and welcome them to the Hospice of Kona Team.

Volunteers’ unique talents and skills are acknowledged and nurtured  as Hospice of Kona strives to meet the needs of our community.


We believe  that the gifts the volunteer receives from participation with Hospice of Kona will be  equal to, or perhaps even exceed, the gifts the volunteer gives.  See below for volunteer training classes.

Volunteer Job Description

Hospice of Kona volunteers need to be comfortable with their own attitudes about  death, knowing that it is a natural part of life. They need to understand that  involvement with Hospice of Kona is rewarding, through sometimes painful,  requiring maturity and objectivity blended with compassion and understanding.  They need to display character attributes of sensitivity, empathy and personal  warmth.

The Volunteer Staff will be under the direct supervision of the Volunteer Services Coordinator. Hospice of Kona will also provide  orientation and training that is consistent with the accepted standards of  practice.

Volunteers May Be Of Service By:

Providing family members rest by being scheduled to sit with patients so that caregivers may have a much needed break.

Reading to patients, providing conversation, or standing by if they are needed.

Preparing a small meal, offering water or holding a hand.

Other examples include massage, reiki, hair styling, playing soothing music on your ukulele or harp, running errands, providing transportation when appropriate, translating Japanese or Spanish among others, professional services such as a Notary and handy man or woman services.

In the home with the patient and family volunteers support professional team members in accomplishing the many-faceted care of the patient and family.

Bereavement support under the direction of the Bereavement Services Coordinator, through calls, office work, and group support.

Office support and services that are necessary to the day-to-day operation may be provided by volunteer staff.

Fundraising is a vital volunteer role offering  help in such ways as setting up, decorating, collecting silent auction items, soliciting sponsorships, being a chef or driving a truck for an  event.

Public Relations is another vital role  participating as a community advocate or speaker, providing educational  opportunities, and being in parades.

Volunteer Training Classes On A Quarterly Schedule - Contact us.